Vegan sweet almond and honey handmade soap

Artisan Handmade Soaps. Made in New York's Hudson Valley.

This is a Spearmint Handmade Vegan Bar of Soap. oats and honey bar of soap This is a Gingham Apple Handmade  Bar of Soap.
Spearmint Me
Our Price: $4.98
Oats and Honey
Our Price: $5.78
Gingham Apple
Our Price: $6.00
An awesomely spearmint bar that slaps you in the face and gets you ready for anything! Just add squats! Its Apple picking time! Get your Apple Soap while you still can!
Our Lavender vegan handmade bar of soap Check out Sweet Ridge a sweet almond and honey vegetarian Handmade soap. Handmade Sandalwood Patchouli Vegan Soap
Our Price: $6.48
Sweet Ridge
Our Price: $5.78
Atticus Finch
Our Price: $6.48
A crisp soap with a clean smell of lavender and a background hint of dammmmm! Feel your mind and body become balanced when this sweet bar washes over you. Using this soap is like having your own bad ass bodyguard/best friend with you at all times.