oats and honey bar of soap Oats and Honey

Just add squats! Get you skin to glow and feel amazing! One of our best bars of soap.

Our Price: $5.78
Our Lavender vegan handmade bar of soap LavenBar

A crisp soap with a clean smell of lavender and a background hint of dammmmm!

Our Price: $6.48
This is a Gingham Apple Handmade  Bar of Soap. Gingham Apple

Its Apple picking time! Get your Apple Soap while you still can!

Our Price: $6.00
This is a Spearmint Handmade Vegan Bar of Soap. Spearmint Me

An awesomely spearmint bar that slaps you in the face and gets you ready for anything!

Our Price: $4.98
maraschino cherry and cocoa butter bar of soap Cherry Blossom (Nora's Soap)

A handmade, vegan, maraschino cherry and cocoa butter bar of awesome (soap).

Our Price: $5.78
Check out Sweet Ridge a sweet almond and honey vegetarian Handmade soap. Sweet Ridge

Feel your mind and body become balanced when this sweet bar washes over you.

Our Price: $5.78